Holder: François Libois (PSE / INRAE)


Starting in: January 2020 – Ending in: December 2021

Natural resource degradation, food insecurity and migration: Adaptation of African rural households to industrial exploitation of natural resources.


Holder: Jérémie Gignoux (PSE / INRAE)


Starting in: January 2020 – Ending in: December 2021

Oil palm plantation expansion, land use and food security in Indonesia. This project focuses on the study of the environmental and economic sustainability of the expansion of plantation crops in tropical areas based on the case of palm oil in Indonesia.

ANR GoLFor-DEEPN – Local Governance of Forest Resources

Holder: François Libois (PSE / INRAE)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Starting in: October 2018 – Ending in: September 2022

GoLFor-DEEPN aims at evaluating, at the national level, the effect of handing over the management of forest from the Nepal Department of Forest to Community Forest User Groups on (i) forest cover, (ii) public good provision at the local level, and (iii) local political governance.

ANR COOPCONFLICT – Cooperation in Conflict Zones

Holder: Oliver Vanden Eynde (PSE / CNRS)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Starting in: October 2018 – Ending in: March 2023

The main contribution of this research proposal is to study the cooperation between actors in conflict zones using recently declassified data sources.

Impact and Mechanisms: Why Education Matters for Women Empowerment. Evidence from a Field Experiment in Niger


Funding:MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Starting in: September 2018 – Ending in: December 2021

Measuring the impact of a programme designed to improve the human capital of adolescent girls through the distribution of secondary school scholarships in Niger.

Governance of forest in Nepal: from centralized control to local users cooperatives

Holder:François Libois (PSE / INRAE)

Funding:Oxford Policy Management

Starting in: August 2018 – Ending in: November 2020

Evaluation on the decentralization of forest programmes in Nepal as well as environmental externalities and contribution to the local economy of user cooperatives.

Etude relative à la taxation foncière au Sénégal

Holder:Denis Cogneau (PSE / IRD / EHESS)

Funding:Oxford Policy Management(OPM)

Starting in: April 2018 – Ending in: June 2022

The project continues the study work to improve the collection of land contributions in Senegal.

Methodological survey experiment

Holder:Karen Macours (PSE / INRAE)

Funding:World Bank

Starting in: October 2015 – Ending in: December 2019

Study to improve the assessment of agricultural productivity and its factors in Nicaragua.

Economies Development and Institutions Research

Holder:François Bourguignon (PSE)

Funding:Oxford Policy Management

Starting in: May 2015 – Ending in: October 2020

The challenge that we address is to identify practicable actions to change institutions and catalyse economic growth.

Ungoverned by Choice? A Political-Economy Approach to Selective Territorial Control

Holder:Oliver Vanden Eynde (PSE / CNRS)

Funding:University of California San Diego

Starting in: September 2014 – Ending in: August 2021

The project focuses on political deterrence from the example of the Naxalite rebellion in India.