This cross-cutting research theme includes methodological advances in measurement and econometric methods.

This research builds on recent advances in other disciplines, drawing for instance on remote sensing techniques to improve the measurement of land use, productivity and economic growth; and on advances in psychometrics to improve the validity and reliability of latent traits in household surveys.

Selected projects

Big Five Personality Traits and Skills in Developing Countries | Karen Macours and Rachid Laajaj et al | VoxDev | NPR Discover MagazineParsing Science

Estimating the effect of treatments allocated by randomized waiting lists | Luc Behaghel, Clément de Chaisemartin | Stata command

Please Call Again: Correcting Non-Response Bias in Treatment Effect Models | Principal Investigators: Luc Behaghel, Bruno C Crépon, Marc Gurgand and Thomas Le Barbanchon | Stata command

Other ongoing projects

Bernard, David Rhys, Gharard Bryan, Sylvain Chabé-Ferret, Jon De Quidt, Greg Fischer, Jasmin Fliegner, and Roland Rathelot. 2020. “How Biased Are Observational Methods in Practice? Accumulating Evidence Using Randomised Controlled Trials with Imperfect Compliance.”

Bernard, David Rhys. 2020. “Estimating Long-Term Effects with Long-Term Outcome Data.”

Kilic, Talip, and Ismaël Claude Yacoubou Djima. 2020. “Survey Measurement Errors and the Assessment of the Relationship between Yields and Inputs for Smallholder Farmers: Evidence from Mali.”

Related publications

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