State building and state capacity

State building and state capacity are central to development. We analyze these questions from different angles: 

State building Using data from colonial archives for a historical perspective, we analyze the French colonial Empire and compare French and British public finances in colonized West Africa. We also study the connection of the colonial period with the postcolonial, from the independence era until today.

State capacity Parallel research relates to how to evaluate and improve state capacity itself. We explore law enforcement and how state capacity matters for the provision of public services, in particular due to the potential for corruption. Both theoretical and empirical approaches are developed.

Conflict A strand of research relates to conflict. We analyze both the determinants and consequences of the strength of ethnic identification. Additional work includes the strategies of actors engaged in violent conflict (i.e. state actors, insurgency groups, and civilians). This work includes identifying policies that contribute to conflict resolution and the protection of civilians in conflict zones.

Other on-going projects

South Asia

Imbert, Clement, Chinmaya Kumar, Nishith Prakash, and Oliver Vanden Eynde. Political Change, Economic Growth, and Crime Reduction in Bihar.

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Vanden Eynde, Oliver, and Liam Wren-Lewis. Complementarities in the Impacts of Infrastructure Projects: Evidence from Indian Agriculture.

Sub-Saharan Africa

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Knebelmann, Justine. 2020. The (Un)Hidden Wealth of the City: Property Taxation under Weak Enforcement in Senegal.

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